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All About Lampe Berger/SYN Network/RZ Corporation

Product Truth
- A fragrance product but falsely claimed by their MLM Business as an aromatherapy or air purifying product. Link 2 vid…
- The factory official website has never claim the product as aromatherapy or air purifying product.
- Do a Google search and you will find that products sold oversea never mentioned it as a aromatherapy product but as a fragrance product.
- This MLM business claims that an hour’s use would give an effect of further 4 hours. This statement is misleading. Fresh air circulates, and once u stop burning the fragrance oil, the effect would stop unless you keep on burning or have the room totally enclosed. BUT to keep on burning, what’s the cost?
- Even in France with a 100 over years of history, but yet it is not widely accepted or well known.
- Many who bought the product would find it troublesome and un-practical to use. It takes a lot of trouble. First you need to put a fire, wait for a minute to burn the charcoal head, put off the fire and cover with a protection cap. When you need to put it off, you have to close it with another cap. If you forget to do so, it will burn up all the oil and will even destroy the wig and head. Cost incur again!
- The MLM claim that the product is the French National Treasure. That’s blasphemy!!

Lampe Berger is a branded fragrance imported from France. SYN has been selling their product at the price of RM428 for the 2L Lampe Berger oil, and RM237 for 1L. However, when I looked for the same products in eBay Malaysia, I found out that it’s only RM180 for 2L and there isn’t any 1L oil.

Here are some questions for you to ponder about…
Can Malaysian consumers in general afford such product at such a high price?
Will you want to buy it for aromatherapy purpose, for air purifying or for decorative purpose?
Using pure essential oil for aromatherapy is much cheaper and more effective. A proper air purifier is also more effective for air cleansing.

False Hope for Product Price Appreciation.
- The MLM Business claims that some of the collector item’s price would appreciate in future like collector’s antique. They would use this to lure in more people to join.
- If that is true, has anyone successfully sold their lamp with the appreciated price?
- Some even have stocks piling up like mountain in their home. So talk about selling at an appreciated price?

Hong Kong TVB News Programme Video
- I do not need to explain further. Just watch this video (in Cantonese).
- The MLM Business claimed that Hong Kong TVB has made a mistake by producing the video and made an apology to them. Where is the evidence of apology made? I would still stick to the video’s truth.

TVB Programme News

Dirty Business Tactics
Prospects are invited to their impressive office where they will point out a few impressive “successful” earners in the MLM Business. This will be easier to lure new members in because of the wealth of the “successful” earner. But they will not show you the majority who have failed or already given up the business. It is a psychology effect. Common sense can tell how money could come from no where. Those monies earned by the successful ones are actually from those who lost.

New Sign-Up are encourage to take a front loading amounting up to RM 30,000 to buy a high position post. This is with a statement saying that, with that amount, new member can jump-start their MLM Business at a faster pace with a higher return of up to around 40% retail earning.
In actual fact, most members can’t even sell their products and will still be at a loss.

In order to make you more confident with the business, they will tell you that you can get a refund of 90% if you could not sell them within 6 months.
Why should you lose 10%?
In fact most of them could not their full refund due to some of these reasons:
a) Certain items(in fact, mostly) are not returnable which they don’t bring to your attention during time of purchase.
b) If you purchase the products from your upline, they are not returnable;
c) They will encourage you to use someone’s name for some advantageous reason in the plan resulting you difficult to get a refund on your own; and
d) The upline will delay you until it exceeded the 6 months period, again depriving the rights to seek for refund.

Distributors who introduce you into the business will be extra nice towards you as brothers and sisters but, when you want to quit from the business, they will treat you like nobody. This shows that they only want to make as much money as possible from you by encouraging you to stock up for the highest amount. They will not care whether you make any losses or not eventually.

Another way to convince you to join the business even if you have no money, they will ask you to borrow from your close ones. Giving you some statements to use

Most of the information are extracted and compiled from various media, websites, forums, blogs and contributions made by many other ex-DCHL/Lampe Berger Distributors as well as observers.

This post will be updated regularly as I gather more new information.
It will be a very informative and a good read.

I would also hope for your contribution for more information on DCHL/Lampe Berger by email to

If you find this blog useful to caution your friends and family members from being victimized, please forward them the link to this blog.

Please come back again in a week's time..
I have more to add.!!


At 9:23 PM, Blogger Dexter said...

Great Work !! Keep it up !!
This world need more people like you.

I have posted the following s in a forum and paste it here for readers:

Scam MLM normally relied on strong training and brainswashing to sustain. They already trained their people to believe and follow only the succesful people and not the outsiders or failures and dropouts.
They also trained their people to think that all these anti-LB actions are out of jealousy or ignorance.
They also trained their people to be even more determined to succeed when they face more attacks.

So the best way is still "CUT GROSS DESTROY ROOTS".
In MLM their roots are the top earners like Steven Yeam there. When these roots are not making money anymore, they will stop.

There are only 2 ways to do it.:
a) Spread the news of LB and warn everyone we know not to join them. Few people will continue to do this as people are selfish and they think "None of my business" or "Why stop others from cari makan ?"
b) For those already in, be friendly to them, don't argue with them. Once you attack them, they are more determined to carry on. Just caution them NOT to stock too much and motivate them to return the goods and seek refund through lampebergerhelp and stopmlmscams.blogspot if the business don't work for them.

Encouraging people to seek refunds back is the better way. Right now, everyone who has paid 30K or 45K now are the active people. These people MUST carry on the settle their debts, as seeking refund is difficult. Those who paid 2500 prefer to let go and forget it, mostly without returning the stock.

IF more people seek for refund, the uplines' income will get an adverse effect because what they earned earlier must be returned to the Company from their future income. Which means if their downlines' are refunded, they may even be in debts to the Company. These uplines distributors will eventually stop too when they don't get any income.

Most SCAM Companies collapse this way, when more and more people ask for refund.

I normally tell refund-seekers who are naive and prefer to complain to the Ministry or wait for police action.

1) "It is good you complain to the Ministry to give them more pressure BUT do you think they will take action ?? Do you think no one has done that before you ? Think for yourself why no action has been taken against them"; and

2) "If you wait until the Ministry or police step in, do you think they will refund you ? By the time the Ministry take any action, it means their business will be over, do you thin k they will still refund you ? They would have fled and leave behind just an empty office. All MLM Companies only give refunds while they are still in business and not when they have no business"

To understand more about MLM Scams or find out more about how to seek a refund from the Company or Uplines more effectively, please visit my blog at

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Dexter said...

I replied this message in a forum and wish to share it here:

[quote=Duke Slayer,Jun 5 2006, 03:30 AM]I did not invest any money, because she invested in count, she has RM30K of goods which she can open 15 franchisee.

My wife open a franchise for me but did not sold RM2345 of goods to me.

If later on if she decide for refund(which she wont), RM2345 used to sign me as franchisee is not refundable.

I suggest you MUST make your wife understand how this business works before BOTH of you lost all your friends and reputation with them.

All the training and sharing they provide only teach them HOW TO DO the business but NOT the PROBLEMS that will follow it.

I am sure you realise by now hardly any customers will buy just the products if not because of the marketing plan. Even if those products are offered to customers at 40% discounts, people will not buy because they are simply not practical to use and they are not pure aromatherapy products and essential oils as claimed. Even in Europe and US where they can afford a higher price, yet their retail prices are lower than Malaysia's at 40% dicounts. What I mean is if the Europeans and Americans will not buy much of it at such prices even after 100 years, do you think Malaysians will buy ?

In simple words, just ask yourself and your wife this simple question;
"Will you buy these products to use at 40% prices if NOT for the HOPE of recruiting or selling to make money ?" If you need to think before you answer it, you know it is not a good business.

What I am trying to say for the above is:
a) In order for your wife to make money, she need to bring in others with the same idea of buying HOPE. Which means when she make money, others will have to lose money. When those others can make money, more and more others will lose money. So what's the chance ?? It's getting smaller and smaller by the days.
Sure they will brainwash by telling you the world is very big but the fact is no matter how big, more people will lose money than those who can make.

b) They only show and tell you those others that make money, have you ever wondered why they don't show you those that lost, resigned, refunded or left ??

c) Don't forget the fact that this is not a retail business where customers and prospects walk in volunteerly. In MLM, your prospects and downlines are your own friends, how will they feel about you and your wife if they lost money and to realise it one day ? They will blame you first, not the Company or the foreigners or other uplines.

d) Do you realise that those are just fragrance or perfumery products(as mentioned in the French factory and many US websites ? Only the DCHL MLM claimed it as aromatherapy and essential oils in their catalogues. This showed how dishonest they are.

e)HK TVBS already showed a program publicly with evidence that they made false claims on the products. Yes, the Company defended by ONLY explaining to their network that HK TVBS already apologised. Will you believe it ? Do you think they will not show any evidence or proof of apology if they have it ?

In short, NO matter how a MLM Company or any Business try to convince or explain, just remember, NEVER NEVER sell any product IF you do not think it is value for money. If you know very well that people will not buy the products for its value BUT only for the opportrunity, you must be prepared that they will be more losers and victims eventually.

2 last questions to you and anyone in such business:

a) Are you prepared to lose your reputation eventually ? Remember that the more money you make means the more victims in your network.

b) Do you have any conscience ? If people joined without understanding the business, they are innocent. If they still carry on after understanding it, they are neither stupid or stubborn. They are simply unethical and unscrupulous people without any conscience for others. After all, only birds of the same feathers can
flock together.

Those info I put above should be enough for anyone to understand the true picture. I advise you and your wife to quit now by just losing 10% and take it as a lesson and earned all the respect back from the board people here as well as your friends who knew you are in it. Before it is too late.


P/s. I hope my message don't hurt you or anyone. I just wish to help.

Those who wish to seek help for refund or understand the business more may check these blogs at blogspot:

antilampeberger, lampebergerhelp, lampebergertruth and stopmlmscams(mine).

At 12:50 AM, Blogger Kevin said...


If you check, you might notice below the website stated that it purifies the air before fragrancing it..

but if you check the official website,
i don't think you can find a statement on air purifying and also killing bacteria...check out the company history...i think eventually, they change the product to consumer fragrance business...

hope this personally, i think someone can just create the website and then link it to the official website... did you notice how different is the French official site compare to the website?

At 12:57 PM, Blogger anthraxxxx said...

hope to read more revealing entries in the future.

At 2:32 AM, Blogger candle scent suppliers said...

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At 10:53 PM, Blogger JeffOih said...

I love Lampe Berger.

At 9:21 PM, Blogger asree said...

i knew it from the start. i went to the office last night and i've being influenced by lots of so-called "successful leaders". but experience taught me a lot. my advice to all, if u want to make business, better do it in conventional way. MLM doesn't work and won't last long. just trust me.

At 3:50 AM, Blogger Aidan said...

Really useful blog.Good work keeping this updated!Thanks a lot!

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At 9:43 PM, Blogger BlacksheeP said...

why did you stop updating your site?
it seems a very good read when suddenly there's no more.

At 10:07 PM, Blogger BlacksheeP said...

it's quite a good read, but why didn't you continue to update?


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